Potential Member?


Recruitment being awfully slow of late, may I offer as the first posthumous nomination for membership, FEZZO.


German Fez Art

Count Jim Moriarty, Fez 43, spotted these in the East Side Gallery whilst visiting Berlin last week.

What the hell is holding my tassel?


A couple of weeks ago I read a Tweet, written by our notorious member #13 Jason Rogers, saying: what the hell is that holding my tassel? It kindled my imagination and I knew I had to do something with these brilliant words. They sounded to me like the title of a movie. So here we are: all of us should play some part according to his or her skills.

Here’s the line-up so far. If one of you thinks the casting is completely off the rocker, please let me know. I’m open to intelligent suggestions. Read the rest of this entry »

Ella Wesner, male impersonator.


Our thanks to @snikitiki who found this at Black and WTF

We have Company

The name Order of the Fez has been copied/kidnapped/stolen/borrowed (erase what’s not applicable)


— Fez #17

Couscous the North African detective.

Anthropomorphic animals wearing fezzes. What better way to entertain and indoctrinate your kids into our fezzy ways.

Riding on a Camel

Didn’t want to take a chance that the Doc and the Prof were too busy to share this. They can provide the back story in the comments.