Zombie Order of the Fez


Fez #1 Hello!

My name is Darien Koons and I hail from the Great Plains (full of corn) of Indiana. I seek to prove my worthiness To the Order of the Fez. For over a year I have dreamt of the day that I might petition the ever glorious Order of the fez and the day has finally come. Am I worthy? I hope it to be true.

I feel myself worthy to bear the fez of the order, for I have felt a calling of the fez for near my entire life. A calling of style and elegance which is only offered in, this, such a small subset of headgear, the fez. I have quenched my thirst for such fezdom very modestly with a small red fez (as pictured below).

Although I am aware that the Order of the Fez has fallen from its previous glory, (letting the domain expire) I still hope that I am able to join the ranks or your order and don Fez #54 (which I learned is technically #53 after reading further into the WordPress blog)

Respectfully Submitted,
Your Pleading, Begging, No-Doubt-Worthy Friend,
Darien Koons

​Greetings, Darien:
I’m not certain what “joining the ranks” of a fictional order that no longer exists means. But the essence of the Order of the Fez was — from inception — was a) owning a fez and proving it with a photo [check] and b) convincing The Membership you are worthy. As the Founding Member, I guess I can again bestow upon myself the power to grant membership, so… you’re in. Congratulations.​
I’ll have to figure out how to add you to the Ranks That Are No Longer.
Fez the First

2 Comments on “Zombie Order of the Fez”

  1. Koonsie #54 says:

    I am honored to join such a dead and rotting order!

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