The Changing of the Fez


It’s time for new leadership at the Order of the Fez. It’s been 9 months since my last post and that’s no way to run a secret society.

In a few days I’m retiring from my square day job and that seems like a good time to hand off the OOTF. I’m not entirely sure what that involves but we can transfer the domain (no charge). We can transfer the content… or just flush and start fresh.

I’ll even throw in Fez #1 (assuming you have a very large head or don’t mind a really lose fit).

If nobody takes up the Golden Tassel, we’ll write a farewell post and call it a day.

If you would like to discuss in real time, you can reach me at 573.200.6776.

Fez #1


One Comment on “The Changing of the Fez”

  1. Linh says:

    Dear Order of the Fez,
    A few weeks ago, I spoke to a good friend of mine and was convinced that she needs a man who is distinguished, preferably someone who wears a fez and smoking jacket. While researching on Google, I came across one of your handsome members from your blog site called James Smith. He is Order of the Fez #10. Both my friend and I were impressed with his ukulele rendition of “It Must Be Love” and “I’ll See You In My Dreams” and thought him a perfect fit. However I have had trouble acquiring any of his contact details on the internet. I just wanted to know if he is still in The Order and whether you are able to supply an email so that I may contact him and possibly hook him up with my friend?

    Kind Regards
    Linh Tran

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