UPDATE: 3.21.12

Greetings Brothers and Sisters of The Order of the Fez. There have been a few changes I’d like to share with you. In no particular order…

  • The recent induction of Fez #53 — Steve “Mongo” Mosley — broke our long drought for new members.
  • I’ve moved the OOTF blog (as you can see). Again. My Posterous experiment didn’t produce the desired results (more posts by more members and greater engagement). More on that in a moment.
  • I’ve also created a Google+ page for the OOTF. Some of you will be familiar with Google+, others won’t. I’ll be happy to answer questions but if you visit the page above,  you’ll get the picture.

If you have a gmail account, you probably already have a G+ account… if not, it takes about 15 seconds to activate.

The WordPress blog is a fine place for archiving our stuff but not so good for real-time engagement. I know, that’s something of a tired buzz word but I would like to hear from our members more often. See what you’re up to. Google+ is damn good for that .

Once you add the OOTF page to one of your “circles,” I can add you back. Again, don’t sweat the mechanics on this. And if you decide to skip this little side-trip altogether, that’s cool too. Just wanted yo to know what we’re doing.

What else?

I copied most of the posts from the blog to Google+ but did a little house-keeping as I went. If you can’t find something, let me know.

Fez One


One Comment on “UPDATE: 3.21.12”

  1. przxqgl says:

    the latest from #32 includes my appearance with the Fremont Philharmonic, and with Brother #8, Howlin’ Hobbit, at the moisture festival… 8)

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