Rent’s due. Time to move.

Long-time OOTF’ers know not to get too settled because it’s only a matter of time before this blog pulls up stakes and moves. Here’s the deal: A week or so back Twitter announced it had purchased Posterous. While there is no immediate plans to pull the plug on all those Posterous blogs, I decided this is a good time to relocate.

So here we are at We’ve been on WordPress before but it was self-hosted and I had some space issues.

I moved to Posterous in hopes of getting more OOTF members to post here. A few did but not enough to warrant staying there. HOWEVER, if anyone would like to contribute here, let me know and I’ll create an account for you.

More housekeeping: I’d like to update our list of members with twitter accounts. And if you’re using Google+, let me know that as well. Just leave info in comments.


3 Comments on “Rent’s due. Time to move.”

  1. #33 says:

    Number One, I am on the twitter as @snikitiki . I think this new patch of dirt looks good. Tom Joad would approve.

  2. Everett Mobley says:

    Where’s the little gizmo to click and put this in my reader?

  3. smays says:

    I’ll add an RSS icon, Everett. In the meantime, you should be able to plug the following into your news aggregator/reader:

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