Fez #53: Steve “Mongo” Mosley


“I have followed the Order of the Fez for some time and recently decided that I would like to petition to the order. In the past I thought myself not worthy but after explaining my fez to a stranger at a restaurant recently it occurred to me that having the Fezorocity to wear it in all manner of places and then to explain: “No I’m not a Shriner, I wanted to be one, but it turns out I couldn’t fit in the car. So it’s just me.” (I’m kind of a big guy.) might qualify me.”

“I remember the old website had the guidelines to do so but wasn’t able to find it on the new posterous site? If I recall there was the option to specify the number that you’d like to be, in my case I’d like 53 as my father graduated HS in 1953 and I also have a couple 1953 Trucks and a car. Needless to say I poked around the internet and was able to track you down so I thought I’d ask for your help in this matter. If there is someone better to discuss with let me know. Also if you could point out what other requirements I need to meet I can provide whatever information is necessary as well as any headgear references that might be required.”

Respectfully yours, Steve “Mongo” Mosley

Yes, Steve, I believe we did post some guidelines at one time but we made those up as we went along, so…

Once I explained the Sanctity of the Sequence, Steve said he is fine with #51, so please welcome him to The Order.

UPDATE: Fuck it. We haven’t had a new POW in months so if Mongo wants #53, he’s got it. We’ll treat #52 like the 13th floor in a skyscraper. There isn’t one (unless and until someone requests it). I thought I had posted this Royal Decree but apparently not.


18 Comments on “Fez #53: Steve “Mongo” Mosley”

  1. James Smith (Fez#10) says:

    Greetings Steve! You are both worthy and welcome. I’m impressed with the pipe – is it a bent apple?

  2. Joe says:

    *woohoo* Welcome to the fray Steve… may your tassel twirl all the days you wish.

  3. profP says:

    Isn’t there a greater joy than welcoming a new and fresh shoot to the tree. And what a name: Mongo. Are you a brother of Mungo (Jerry) perchance?Welcome to the order!!And James, as René Magritte told us before: Ceci n’est pas une pipe

  4. Steve Mosley says:

    Thanks James, Joe and #1.James, yes it’s that style but it’s actually an E-Pipe. It lights up when you draw, emits only water vapor. Freaks people out in non smoking area’s.

  5. Steve Mosley says:

    Profp, Yeah, Mongo as in the Big Dumb guy in Blazing Saddles. I get along much better with horses these days.

  6. Dennis Klothen says:

    welcome!the more big guys, the merrier

  7. Andy Small (#38) says:

    Welcome to our order #51 Bigger guys unite! With fezes!

  8. uub says:

    Hey Mongo, glad your skull & bones joined us. You look pretty feztastic with those shades on! Welcome, welcome!

  9. fez47catfish says:

    Welcome Brother Mongo!

  10. Fez 33 says:

    Brothers! I see a problem. The sacred Fez number 51 already belongs to Ambassador Carl of Tennessee. Unless they wish to duel to the death, I believe our newest member will have to assume the number 52. What say ye Brothers?

  11. Steve Mays says:

    Damn! It’s been so long since we added a member, I lost track. Sorry, Mongo. Looks like you are #52. That puts you just one number away from the number you requested. Perhaps we should waive the rule of Sequence Sanctity and let you have #53. We could treat #52 like the 13th floor of a building. Let’s hear from the membership on this.Fez the Fuckup

  12. profP says:

    I say #1 is a nice enough guy, but counting is not his best skill. Wish Count Count wore a Fez.But is there not another good reason for a duel? How about 3 tennis balls each; try to hit your opponents Fez. Might become an olympic sport!!

  13. profP says:

    Seems we wrote almost simultaneously #1. But I agree, let there be a taboo on #52. It is the year the Doc and I were born, so you better not get related to it.

  14. Steve Mosley says:

    If my worthy brothers in fezonary are not opposed to the the waiver of the Sequence Sanctity I will print up a petition for membership into the order to pin inside my fez to provide to the next worthy Fezion that I encounter in my travels and attempt to fill the mis-sequence myself. Unless the next regular petitioner through normal channels chooses to accept the great and powerful 52 themselves at a time before I am able to fill the position. In this case if it pleases the order I would hence force be know as 53′.

  15. Fez 33 says:

    If Mongo is willing to divulge sordid information about where he’s from and what he does for a living. Also what his quest is, what his favorite color is, and what’s the airspeed of an unladen swallow … then he may pass and become Fez Number 53.

  16. Steve Mosley says:

    An African or European swallow?

  17. Fez 33 says:

    African of course!

  18. Steve Mosley says:

    Believe it or not I’ve been asked that before and my initial knee jerk reaction is 52 science would likely prove me wrong.. http://style.org/unladenswallow/As to the rest.. Steve Mosley, Brookfield Missouri, To better my fellow hat wear’s in making them aware of the one true superior hat, and Red..And before you ask.. The four capitals of Assyria were Ashur (or Qalat Sherqat), Calah (or Nimrud), the short-lived Dur Sharrukin (or Khorsabad), and Nineveh. The ruins of all four ancient cities fall within the modern state of Iraq.Mongo

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