Potential Member?


Recruitment being awfully slow of late, may I offer as the first posthumous nomination for membership, FEZZO.


11 Comments on “Potential Member?”

  1. Steve Mays says:

    The man hardly needs a Petition of Worthiness, but let’s see what the membership says about posthumous membership. Getting pretty close to Mormon practice of baptizing the deceased. Just sayin’

  2. ProfP #17 says:

    Not so difficult to allow him membership, after all he has done for human kind (and many other kind).

  3. Howlin' Hobbit says:

    I’d suggest a “Hall Of Fezerocity” to display such notables along with “Honorary Memberships.”Seems to me Prof. P and Doc D had something like this for their Small Instrument Society. Should work here too.

  4. peter says:

    What a charming thought HH! I bet #1 can find a couple of minutes of spare time this weekend to decorate a hall, displaying all  the “Great Fezzes”

  5. profP says:

    My response through email did not work. I tried to say, the idea of HH is brilliant in it’s simplicity. I bet #1 can spend a few spare minutes this weekend in decorating a Hall, in a manner worthy to “The Great Fezzes” .

  6. Steve Mays says:

    Done. We’ll create a “Hall of Fezorocity” tag. To submit someone for membership, let’s require a photo (with fez) and a line or two why you think this person belongs in the HoF. We’ll give members a few days to comment before induction.

  7. Howlin' Hobbit says:

    well, in that case… duh! Groucho! in a fez! tag that puppy.

  8. ProfP #17 says:

    We’ve had a few potential HOF members in the past: http://orderofthefez.posterous.com/tag/movies

  9. Steve Mays says:

    Let’s hear some discussion on who gets added to HoF and I’ll make it so.

  10. ProfP #17 says:

    Laurel an d Hardy! Without them a HoF is not a HoF.

  11. fez47catfish says:

    Tommy Cooper… The man died with his fez on!

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