What the hell is holding my tassel?


A couple of weeks ago I read a Tweet, written by our notorious member #13 Jason Rogers, saying: what the hell is that holding my tassel? It kindled my imagination and I knew I had to do something with these brilliant words. They sounded to me like the title of a movie. So here we are: all of us should play some part according to his or her skills.

Here’s the line-up so far. If one of you thinks the casting is completely off the rocker, please let me know. I’m open to intelligent suggestions.

Production Co: OOTF

#1 Steve Mays: Production and Fezrocity Controll

#2 Bob Hague: Direction

#3 Everett Mobley: healthcare (since the whole crew are beasts)

#4 David Brazeal: Publicity (rancid)

#33 Nick Blair: storyboard sketching and postediting

#6 John Wells: video editing and mowing the grass

#7 Jamie Nelson: marketing (except Tenessee)

#51 Ambassador Carl: make shure all folks in Tenessee come to see the movie

#42 Joe Cache: costumes

#13 Jason Rogers: headwear and costumes

#16 Taisir Yanis: catering and coffee, lots of coffee

#35 Bob the Butcher: catering

#44 Ryan Armbrust; camera

#28 Dennis Klothen: special effects (smoke screen)

#30 Paul Roe: make-up (auch!!)

#31 Keith Poval: shoes (preferably sandals)

#37 Wally the Welder: everything that has to do with iron

#38 Andy Small: fast cars

#24 Rev. Jason: herd the sheep and trying to teach the bad guy manners

#25 Mr. Phil: special effects and entertain the kids (what kids?)

#45 Seth Anthony: Historic Backgrounds and Trivia

#50 Jason Burgess: Anyting beond the ordinary (or was it the other way round?)

#8 Howlin’ Hobbit: music/soundtrack

#9 Phill Powell: soundtrack and lyrics

#10 James Smith: music/soundtrack

#23 Drew Barcode: music/soundtrack

#32 salamandir: music/soundtrack

#47 Catfish: music/soundtrack

#48 Uncle Elvis: music/soundtrack

#17 Professor Peter: the bad guy

#18 Doctor Dick: the good guy

#26 uub: kind of Bond girl, trying to lure the good guy with a trap

#27 Hassan the Turk: assistant to the bad guy, at least he’s got a gun

#39 John H. Hughes II: one of the bad guys accomplices (you know the one who drives by on a scooter playing his bagpipe.

#11 Timothy Brazeal: mmmmmm what dubious role could this young man play? Suppose that is not revealed till the end where a weird twist in the story is totally ruined by a lousy car chase.

#5 Edward Dulle: actor (only if Fez and Kilt are worn in combination)

#34 Graeme Cunningham: The guy who lift the hem of his kilt to distract the attention of the bad guy and so be the better of the Bond girl.

#43 Count Jim Moriarty: the weird sorcerer from the north. (“And he lives down south”; ” so what?”)

#46 Peter Brusoe: Reciter of the Poem (in what scene was that?)

Actors whose characters are yet to be decided (either a “heroic dying hero” or “guests attending an abundant diner party who get killed later and end as a heroic hero’s”) :

#49 Dr. Goldfoot

#41 Erin Dykes

#40 Damon Dykes

#36 Chris Pirillo

#29 Jon Gregalunas

#22 Roderick Kennedy

#21 Clive Gifford

#20 Andy Dickinson

#19 John Simpson

#15 Tom Boman

#14 George Kopp

#12 David Fletcher

Two questions remain: who is going to write the script and who is going to get the money together for doing the production. Any suggestions??

— Professor Peter


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