Fez #51: Ambassador Carl

I’m not sure how we’ve survived without a fezzer from the Volunteer State, but we can all breath a little easier now.


My name is Carl! I am from Tennessee and you need a Ambassador to this great state for the Order of the Fez! I would love to become a member of The Order of the Fez! I’m very loyal! I love my fez! A lot of people even think that it is cool! If I become a member I shall be called Ambassador Carl. Because I will be the Fez wearing man in Tennessee!  So Fez #1 will you pleace see it in your heart to have me! Your Friend Ambassador Carl

We’re instituting rationing of exclamation points (!) due to Ambassador Carl’s profligate use of same. Now, here’s what we need from Carl: Some background. Who are you and what do you do? And some photos of you acting ambassadorial in public. Extra points for not wearing pants. And we need a larger version of your Petition of Worthiness photo.


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