My eternal resting place

Professor Peter writes: “I thought to have found a very exciting desing FEZ today.”


“My perception proved to be biased by my eageress to spot Fezroticism. As you can see it is some kind of box with a lid.”


But (and this is a major point to my defense) it has a Tassle. No wonder I was mislead by some modernistic shrewd and cunning pot-you-can-put-anywhere-to-gather-useless-rubbish designer.

The idea of a Fez of witch the top can be taken of (for instance to get some ferozity-improving fresh air) appealed to me though. You might ask the brethren their opinion on this topic.

as ever yours
Prof P

I recently made arrangements with #16 to leave my remains in his care. This will be the perfect receptacle.


One Comment on “My eternal resting place”

  1. #39 says:

    neato! wayy cooler than some old planter..and the pop top allows for the annual birthday sprinkling of rum..appeases thems dry bones

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