#8 checks in from the Great Northwest

You’ve been interested in reports on the activities of your fellow fezorati. Attached you will find a picture of me entertaining at the 9th Annual Pike Place Market Buskers Festival, September 19, 2010.


Photo courtesy of canopic.

I am playing a new Mainland ukulele (with a pickup, no less!) and wearing a new fez, from Brother #13. Both items are about two weeks old at the time. An hour or so later, I was back on the same stage with my band, Snake Suspenderz. I’ve played all but 2 (3?) of the Buskers Fests in the 27 years I’ve been busking down at the Pike Place Market.

Yep. I’m a slow learner.

You can follow the adventures of Howlin’ Hobbit (#8) at HowlinHobbit.com. Would love to post similar updates from other members. Drop us a line at stevemays at gmail dot com


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