So many fezzes, and so few heads (#32)

“since i joined the Order Of The Fez with my first (ever) real fez a bit more than a year ago, i am now the possessor of no less than 6 fezzes, and there is soon to be a 7th, because i have finally got around to ordering an Order Of  The Fez fez, which was supposed to be ready to ship some time this week.

i bid on few fezzes on ebay, and won two of the auctions, which resulted in my receiving a fez from the mohammed shrine in peoria, illinois – where my grandfather was a shriner (unfortunately it’s not my grandfather’s fez, though) – and a fez from the ballut abyad shrine in albuquerque which turned out to be two fezzes stuck together (i’m pretty sure they didn’t know this when they shipped it).

then, a couple of weeks after i had received the fezzes for which i had paid, i was actually given a fez from the Nile temple in seattle, for doing a whole bunch of web design for the Ballard Sedentary Sousa Band.


a few weeks later, i bought a stylish skull-and-crossbones fez (before they went on sale for talk like a pirate day, yaargh!). soon i hope to be able to send you another picture, with my OOTF#32 fez, but the fez-wallah has to get off his can first.”


#32 also shared a photo of his office. I invite the members to load up the larger version of the image and see what you can discover about our brother.


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