Fezzy and The Brain

Guest post by the one and only Fez #45:

“As members of the Order of the Fez we believe that our eccentric haberdashery is not a privilege, but a right enjoyed by all men. However some on the outside do not understand our obsession with sans-brim head wear. These people may mock us, and perhaps even call our interests trivial. Well, for a small period of time, they were right!

No. 45 spends his day job working with youth groups. Much of his summers are spent helping with summer camps that are operated through his work. This year, one camp in particular was in need of some evening entertainment. Enter No. 45! Some of you may remember that No. 45 traditionally wears his fez to the weekly pub trivia night. When the director of the camp asked No. 45 what should done for entertainment he immediately decried “Why, trivia my dear boy!” The director, also being a pub quiz connoisseur, thought this was brilliant, resulting in a trivia night being formed for the summer camp.


Lo and behold, however, this could be no ordinary trivia night. How could No. 45 work in his want to sport a fine fraternal hat at this game? After much discussion, it was decided that the game would be hosted by “Fezzy and the Brain,” with No. 45 and the Director playing the roles! After an enjoyable game, that included some very tough questions, the youth group members had a new favorite story from the event – all thanks to a red tarboosh!

So what are some of the questions that Fezzy and the Brain posed?

  1. Which State has the longest border with Canada, and which Canadian Province has the longest border with the United States?
  2. Where is the tallest roller coaster in the world currently located?
  3. How many live human extras were used to make the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy?
  4. The band Green Day recently released a new album. On that album there is a song title that references a military salute at a funeral. What is that salute traditionally called?
  5. Which player holds the NFL’s record for all time rushing yardage?

These are just some of the more than 60 questions that were asked during the game! Now, go put on your fez and come up with the answers!


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