Fez #49: Dr. Goldfoot

Oh Honorable Scribe of the Fez: Humbly I come before you imploring your consideration. Having spent many years trudging through the many watering holes in this wonderful state (California), I felt something was missing. From late nights at the likes of the Tiki-Ti in southern Cal, all the way to the Tonga Room in San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel, I became very familiar with the Cult of Cool.

Something was still missing.

Then I found the FEZ. My life changed. There’s a new outlook, and a renewed vigor for all things cool and swank.

Having done my due diligence, I scoured the internet and came across The Order of the Fez.

I come before you now asking… pleading… begging. No, just asking… to bestow upon me the honor of Fez #49.

Forever your servant,
Dr. Goldfoot (aka Kevin Hamblin)

I’m guessing the honorific is academic but if it’s medical, please tell us you are a podiatrist. Although I’m pretty sure there are no podiatrists with soul patches… where was I?

Ah, yes. Members, please form a virtual circle around Dr. G for the in-no-way-gay group hug and welcome Fez #49 to The Order of the Fez.

PS: Can we get a larger photo for the press release?


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