Fez #48: Uncle Elvis


Dear Sir,

I pen this missive –though neither word is applicable– with a distinct lack of humility and upon the invitation of his lordship, the Howlin’ Hobbit, a founding member, along with my not-so humble self, of “FWUP”, a group on the website “UkuleleUnderground.com”, Fez Wearing Ukulele Players.

The blackguard brought out the thumbscrews and demanded that, in return, I ask to join your illustrious disorganization.

So here I is. Throwing meself at your feet – metaphorically, of course. I just had these slacks drycleaned! – and begging – again, metaphorically, as it wouldn’t be becoming, now would it? – for admission.

Please find attached two images of me wearing my fez (the other image).

The fez was found by my brother in a Thrift Store in Nebraska over 20 years ago and has been worn on every possible occasion since then.

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you,

Best regards,
Uncle Elvis

I suppose we could have some sort of reciprocal membership with FWUP (a word that falls just short of onomatopoeia, as does OOTF). Your first NMQ (New Member Quest) is to provide audio or video of you performing with the noble uke; and to provide a photo of yourself that wasn’t taken in a Philips 66 Convenience Story restroom.

Welcome to The Order of the Fez, #48


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