#45 introduces “The Loner Fez”

“On a recent Wednesday night I found myself at my local pub playing trivia, much as I usually do. However, to spice things up a bit, I decided to have some fun. I’ve become known simply as “The Fez” around the old watering hole, and I’ve become quite fond of the nickname. Heck, when the Fezmonger recreated the “Fez” fez, my girlfriend quickly purchased me one for me to wear.

Anywho, back over on the topic, I managed to pick up a couple of cheap, shall we say “loner”, fezzes to present to members of our friendly rival trivia team. Known as the Beards, they have been playing pub trivia longer than our team, but we have become a good group of friends, always united in our hate of our mutual arch rivals, team “Talk Nerdy to Me”, generally known as the Nerds. (Insert Revenge of the Nerds reference here…)


So, please see attached two of the three fellows who have been designated “Honorary Fezzes” by Fez No. 45 – pictured, left to right, is Tom S. (Honorary Fez 45.2), Seth Anthony (Fez No. 45) Jordan B. (Honoary Fez 45.1) and not pictured is Keanan B.-M. (Honorary Fez No. 45.314159.)”

I’m pretty sure #45 meant to write “loaner fezzes,” but who knows. Tom looks like he might be something of a “loner” so, who knows. I’m going with the context. And the only way this could have been a better story would involve a thin bead of Super Glue around the inside of the fezzes. Next time.

For the record, old #45 is pulling more than his fair share of posts here on the OOTF blog. Excommunication is a beautiful –but painful– ceremony.


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