In car #64, Fez #38

We love hearing what fezzers are doing when they’re not stroking their tassels and Andy Small (#38) slips into a slinky racing jump and heads for the virtual track:

I race online in a service called iRacing. iRacing is a very cool racing sim, not a game but a simulation of racing. Inside the game I’m allowed to change tire pressure in my car, change parts out for other parts, and look at my tire temps all in an attempt to go faster. I use a steering wheel that has force feeedback so when I hit a rumble strip I feel it in the wheels.


In iRacing in order to be able to race more cars I have to gain licenses for those cars and I do that by racing safely. There are all kinds of different cars from consumer sports cars to Indy Cars, to NASCAR Stock cars. I like to race the road course cars the best.

A few weeks ago they opened up car painting where racers could paint their own cars with any sponsor and paint scheme they wanted. So I fired up my ancient Photoshop version and started playing around with the templates. It took only a few seconds for me to realize who I wanted for my sponsor: Order of the Fez of course. So I shot an email off to #1 for the logo and started painting. This paint scheme is on a Pontiac Solstice I race in the rooking series. I plan to keep OTF on my cars all thru my iRacing career and I’ll share those cars with all of you as I do.

If anyone is interested in a free month ping me and I’ll send you an offer code. First come first serve!

P.S. forgive the quality of the screeshots I have to turn the graphics way down on my laptop in order to get the sim to run.

Okay. We’ve got uke’ers and sim racers. What are the rest of you folks up to in your spare time?


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