All fez and no cattle

Members of the Order of the Fez are rightly proud to wear the headgear that we so adore. It is a wonderful hat, the fez, and many of us wear it on any occasion we can. However, there are times that we might not be able wear our most favored of fraternal hats, and we must leave them in the closet, with a longing look. This problem certainly comes to light in the southern United States, where those with fez related tastes are scorend and derided for the funkily adorned melon. Well my fez friends, no longer!


Thanks to you can convert your beloved morrocan head piece in a friendly, southern style stetson cowboy hat! With their stetson “fez attachment” you can convert the ethos of your squat red friend into a rightly proud, giant sized, American statement that says “Yeah, I’m wearing a fez and a cowboy hat, what are you going to do about?” This is certainly a product I’m sure most of us can’t live without (although you might have a hard time selling me on it!)

— Seth Anthony (#45)


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