Memo from The Fezboy

“Since the dawn of time, only one thing has elevated homo sapiens above other primates – the ability to fashion, apply and wear a Fez.” – Professor Winston Robert

“Put on a fez. Feel its style. The tassel; whether rakishly swinging, or scholastically subdued, is a luxury that other hats do not offer.” – Luke Martin, Sydney, Australia.


From: The Fezboy
To: The world.
Subject: Relay For Life, 2010

Everyone’s climbing Krakatoa, swimming the Amazon or performing multiple marathons carrying ten tonne weights on their back. Whilst we find these pursuits tremendously impressive, we beg, plead and urge you to also consider the merits of other, more gentle, fundraising attempts.

As an example, we three humble doyens of lounge headware, Fez O’Connor, Carlos TresFez and the Archbishop Fezmond Tutu, are embarking on a fundraising jaunt around the environs of Stockport Rugby Club in Bramhall on June 26th, 2010.

It is for an extremely noble cause as part of Cancer Research UK’s Relay For Life and the Fezboy 3 will be ambling, promenading and generally perambulating for a straight 24 hours in a row, no napping…in our leopardskin fezzes, of course. Anything else would just not be seemly.

Please consider sponsoring us.


The Fezboy 3 Relay For Life team.
John Simpson #19
Andy Dickinson #20
John Simpson
Clive Gifford #21


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