Re-arranging the furniture

I tweeted this yesterday but thought a little more explanation in order. I’m using a new theme on this website and know how stressful change can be. So a brief explanation:

I just like dicking around with this stuff.

Thank you all for coming.

But seriously, I wanted to try out a new WordPress framework called Genesis. It’s by StudioPress and I like their theme a lot. Genesis is not technically a theme… more like the chassis of the car. I might drop a different look on this blog down the road. But, for now, I’m in kind of a minimalist phase, so…

There’s lots of under-the-hood features that make the work of maintaining a website much easier, but I won’t bore you with those. I am doing some tweaking of older posts, adding larger images, etc.

Let me put out the call, again, for your photos, videos, etc. Would love to see more participation by member. Email: stevemays at gmail dot com

PS: In reviewing the Petition of Worthiness photos, I’m reminded that some of them are … less than optimal. Fuzzy, too dark, etc. This would be a good time to update with a nice, sharp photo. Be sure to check your POW page.


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