Camels, a fez and Darkest Africa

Fez #3 reports his daughter is off to Darkest Africa on Monday:


“She has joined the Peace Corps and will soon be on her way to Zambia (formerly Northern Rhodesia). For the next two years, she will live in a mud hut and assist the natives to develop sustainable agriculture.

As part of her preparations, she has been going through photos to select a few to take with her as illustrations of her former life when she meets the Zambians. I had not seen this one, which surfaced from a “touristy trip” when she was backpacking across Europe in 2008. She and her buddy, Jennifer, made a day trip from Spain to Morocco.

Morocco is home to the fabled city of Fez, but they spent the day in Tangiers (don’t pronounce the “s”, similar, sort of, to Des Moines). The tour bus took them hither and yon, including the Casbah, I suspect (though she made no mention of it). Suddenly the bus turned into a graveled parking lot. “Everybody out for the camel rides.”

Welcome to Ali Baba’s Camel-licious (though the writing was in Arabic, so there may be some error in translation). “First, every one to hold the baby camel and put on the fez.” There was only one fez, which Ali Baba had been wearing on his own head, and applying to one tourist after another. Since one might suspect the emergence of an international cootie farm under these circumstances, Blair didn’t fight for the fez and Jennifer sports the headgear here. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.

Though my daughter has no desire to join our exalted order, still we have a picture of a fez, beautiful girls, and camels, taken in Morocco. The fezorocity of the photo cannot be denied.


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