Fez #45: Seth C. Anthony

Seth C. Anthony comes before the Order of the Fez, seeking membership. Supplicant Anthony begins his Petition of Worthiness with Answers to Essential Queries:


What is the color of Bob the Butcher’s Fez? Bob the Butcher, being a wise and powerful member of the Order, routinely dons a well hued, and might I say classy, red fez. What time is it at John Well’s house? It appears that Mr. Wells is a resident of a fine state indeed. Seeing as how he resides in Missouri, and I in Pennsylvania, that would make the time at Fez No. 6’s house an early 8:58:28 AM. In what country will you find Prof. Peter and Dr. Dick? A pilgrimage to the promised land of the Middle East is something all true lovers of the fez wish to one day undertake. It appears that the venerable Prof. Peter and Dr. Dick have accomplished that goal by residing in the sunny climes of Egypt. Why are you worthy? Worthiness appears to be a central tenant of the Order of the Fez. Am I worthy? Dare I say, yes. What can I offer to establish my worthiness? I bring to the table several Fez related ideals. Firstly, I have been long intrigued by the history of that eclectic piece of headwear. Having done much research, in search of the perfect fez, I come across several Fez adorned fraternal groups which I have then researched. I offer this incomplete list of fraternal fez’s that you may see that I take the history of the fez seriously:

  • Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine – Red Fez’s, Masonic
  • Mystic Order of the Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm – Black Fez’s, also Masonic
  • Dramatic Order of the Knights of Khorassan – Sub group of the Knights of Pythias, referred to as Dokies.
  • Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale – Italian Fascist Group, Known as the Blackshirts, prominent Fez wearers during WWII.
  • The Cult of the Eye – San Francisco based community group, raises funds for charities, adorned by official fez’s.

This is indeed just a short list of important Fez wearing groups throughout history. I wish to learn even more about Fez wearing individuals through my membership with the Order of the Fez. Lastly, for final proof of my worthiness, I offer my photo. This photo was taken at a local pub during trivia night. I am the captain of our pub quiz team, and each week I take pride in placing my fez on my noggin to bring good luck to the team. I also believe that each fez provides your brain with extra breathing room, which helps when trying to win a trivia.

What skills or abilities do you bring to the Order of the Fez? In my daily vocation I do webpage design and graphic work, so I would be willing to offer those skills. I have lots of useless knowledge as well, which I think is already apparent. Obligatory begging and pleading: Oh please! Oh please! Oh please! Make me a member of the Order of the Fez. (Insert throwing ones self on the ground, rolling in dirt, and perhaps a few tears.) I so want to be a member. I’m not worthy!

Not bad. Not bad at all. And doggone it, we think you are worthy. Welcome, Fez #45! PS: Seth is 26, a Director of Communications, and hails from Elizabethtown, PA


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