Fez #44: Ryan Armbrust

Dear Fezmaster:

I was drawn to your website while on a hunt for my next Fez. After reading through the entire website, I thought to myself “THESE are the guys I need to associate myself with”.

While reading through the site, I learned that Bob the Butcher wears a red fez. I also learned that John Wells lives a few hundred miles away, to the left. Jefferson City is an hour behind me making it 7:46 right now at his home.

Another interesting find, If I am ever in Egypt, I hope to run across Professor Peter & Dr. Dick.

My name is Ryan Armbrust. I am a Louisville Kentucky based photojournalist and Pinup photographer. Trying to bring back the great classic pinup style of the 50’s!

The first time I tried on a Fez, I knew it was for me. I have a head like a bastard cat, big and round! The Fez really is the best choice to elongate my jug-ish head.

Please accept my email for consideration. I would love to be #44.

I am attaching a few pics of interest.

Now, a shot of myself (above). I actually use this shot in all my bio information for my photography business.

Ryan Armbrust

I hope to hear from you soon.

I hardly know where to begin. Supplicant Armbrust has clearly spent some time in the dusty OOTF archives; and while he doesn’t specify the gender, we can always use a “pinup photographer”; he contributes the timeless phrase, “head like a bastard cat;” and he somehow got his hands on Goldfinger’s camera.

Please join me in welcoming Fez #44, Ryan Armbrust!


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