Fezorocity Nativity


“SERVV is an organization that sells craft items from third world countries, helping artisans in these impoverished areas. Each year when the First Presbyterian Church of Kennett holds its annual bazaar, we purchase a number of items from SERVV to resell.

This year one of the items was a nativity scene, produced in Cameroon. Now it’s no surprise to find that the holy family is black. It’s been an open secret for years that Jesus wasn’t white, in the Eurocentric caucasian sense (Jewish or something, at least). So this is no news.

The exciting find is that Joseph wore a Fez. This is not specifically mentioned in scripture, but it isn’t denied either.

When I think of all the years that Joseph has been portrayed wearing Dad’s bathrobe and a rag on his head it makes me sad. Countless children across America could (and apparently should) have been wearing a festive Fez in Christmas pageants.

It’s time to spread the word.”

Dr. T. Everett Mobly (Fez #3)


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