Committee of Worthiness and Supplicant Evaluation

In coming days, three of you will be called upon to serve on a new committee, created to evaluate those seeking to join the Order of the Fez. The identities of those serving on this committee will be known only to Fez #1.

All future Petitions of Worthiness will be submitted to the C.O.W.S.E. for consideration. Admission to our order will require a unanimous vote. In the event of a tie, Fez #1 will also have a vote.

Petitioners will be evaluated on:

  1. Petition of Worthiness – If you possess the quality of fezorocity, it must come through in your POW. Are you the kind of person who wears a fez to your first child’s christening? Then let that quality come through in your POW.
  2. Photo – The fez is noble head wear and should worn with respect and imagination. Dress for the Order to which you want to belong, not the crumby, dead-end job you have. There are no shortage of great examples among current members
  3. Knowledge of the OOTF – This will be a series of 3 to 5 questions, the answer to which can be found within these pages. Failure to answer these questions will be — at the discretion of the COWSE– grounds for disqualification.

The Order of the Fez is not measured by our numbers, but by our shared fezoricity. The time has come to insure that future members share this mystical quality. Comments are open.


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