Still in cardboard boxes

The time has come to move the Order of the Fez blog to a new home. Yeah, I know I did this not so long ago and screwed up a bunch of links. I’m pretty sure I’ll do that again but, in time, I’ll find ’em and fix ’em. Once we get settled in here with our new WordPress theme, I’ll roll out a few new features that weren’t available on Typepad. For a while, we’ll be in two places. The old site at, and this one, sans the dubya dubya dubya. Don’t worry about it. I’ll get things sorted out by this weekend. UPDATE: Trying to stick with a simple theme but feeling a little cramped in the sidebar. You might see a couple of themes here before we land on one. UPDATE: Yeah, a little too… institutional? Rather than dink with it myself, I’m going to wait until Brian Gardner at Studio Press (designed this theme) updates with some color options. Plenty of work to do in the meantime.


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