Fez #43: Count Jim Moriarty


Munificent Fez #1 Being a Count, I, Jim Moriarty, am afraid, that I am neither humble nor obedient. I will not grovel nor will I beseech thee. I shall simply come to the point, of this tawdry missive and state want I want; I am desirous of the #42 fez. Yes the number of the fez, which is the answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything. What I bring with me to your order is the secret knowledge of the ancients, by which a combination of the most humble of ingredients, gin, vermouth and ice might be mixed together and transformed into the elixir, that some know as the Dry Martini. Yours in anticipation, Count Jim Moriarty. (aka Peter Riordan)

My greatest fear has been realized. A Petition Collision. Two noble fezzers, seeking the same number. The Count has been waiting for #42 “since around #30” I believe. Joe Cache –our other new member– called dibbs way back in the single digits. I was reluctant to “assign numbers” out of sequence, so Brother Joe had to wait and watch. And, as I feared, a mini-flurry of desire for #42. The Count, however, has graciously amended his petition to accept #43 and we welcome him with open smoking jackets. (Shall we requre all future POW pix to be in evening wear?) Fez один


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