Fez #42: Joe Cache

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Order of the Fez, (that should take care of most of you)

I present this Petition Of Worthiness. and ask for acceptance to your hallowed halls.

As proof of my Worthiness, I take you back… way back when the Earth was young… or at least myself. At a young age I had a taste of what wearing the fez could bring about, and I liked it. Even back then I was the Right Hand of the Fez (see Exhibit A1) Behind the scenes, planning, organizing, and executing various schemes to further fez-dom. Alas that lifestyle, akin to a summer vacation at camp, did not last long… but the taste of the Fez stayed with me – and I wanted more, much more. And yet, it would have to wait for another time and another place.

Albeit, little did I know that it would take a score of years to again become the Right Hand of the Fez – this time as a fellow fezmonger along with Jason Rodgers (OotF #13) in our (ad)venture: Fez-o-rama ! I again find myself behind the scenes, planning, organizing, and yes – still executing – new and exciting schemes, but this time with added enthusiasm!


To this end, I offer Exhibit A as Worthiness – visual proof of myself with fez adorned, while in the company of the Pope during a recent trip in Italy. (inset enlarged for further proof) Neither I, nor my girlfriend Rebecca burst into flames while wearing our fezzes in front of the Pope – thus validating my claim as being worthy to adorn my head with a fez.

Submitted for your approval.”

Joe Cache


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