Fezzes #40, 41: Damon and Erin Dykes


Esteemed members of the Order of the Fez,

“My Wife and I humbly seek induction into your respectable order. We have a deep admiration, though may some may regard it more as a slight obsession, with retrospective culture, the Polynesian pop, or “tiki” culture being one of our chief preoccupations. Attached with our petition, you will find a photograph taken quite recently, in front of the Trader Vic’s in Atlanta, our noggins adorned with freshly procured fezzes, at the beginning of a grand multi-cultural celebration known as DragonCon.

Our attendance to this four-day extravaganza includes a tradition held by myself and several friends, which has become the highlight of my convention experience these past few years. That tradition is to spend Thursday evening imbibing many Mai tais and enjoying each others’ camaraderie, as well as music by the live band Tongo-Hiti.

It was at this year’s Thursday gathering that I was able to rally my friends in what I called the “Fez Uprising.”  Several of my compatriots donned the beloved head wear as we drank, laughed and sang.  Random folks were asking us where we had obtained our fezzes, and we were quick to respond with handing out cards for the Fez-O-Rama website.  We also received many compliments on our hat choice.  I feel I have done my part to raise fez awareness at DragonCon, and am optimistic that we may see more fez wearers in the future. I plan on ordering more fezzes from Fez-O-Rama in the future, for my wife as well as myself.

In conclusion, my wife and I would be honored if we were considered brother and sister among those of your organization.  I thank your for your time.”

Many thanks,
Damon and Erin Dykes

Hmm. A husband-wife team in the Order of the Fez. I don’t know. I’m not sure how that will work during the annual Dance of the Forty Thirty-Nine Virgins. All of our members are required to bring a note from their significant other but we’ve never had anyone bring the significant other along.

More of a concern, however, is the the risk associated with both of you taking part in the Fez Initiation Rite Day (FIRD). Should something –god forbid– go wrong, the little Dykes would be left without parents.

DragonCon seems just a cross-bow shot from a Renaissance Festival (automatic disqualification)… but you DO have Fez-o-rama fezzes…

What the hell. You’re in. Congratulations.

Fez Moja


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