Fez #38: Andy Small


“I  most humbly beseech and petition the grand, gracious and, noble Order of Fez for admission into this most respectful organization. I work in the land of books and librarians so Fez wearing is frowned upon.  So I escape to my secret lair outside of town and wear my fez as monitors glow in front of my face  till the wee hours of the night. Therefore be it resolved that I, Andy Small do hereby request that I be admitted into the most noble of Orders.” — Andy Small

I’ll have to check the by-laws but I think we have to admit Andy based solely on his use of the word “lair.” And what’s this shit about librarians frowning on fez wearers? If we were requiring initiations it might be fun to have Andy streak the library where he works, wearing just his bitchin’ fez. Maybe #39. Welcome aboard, Brother Small

PS: Is anyone keeping track of how many Fezzers have beards?


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