Fez #37: Wally the Welder


“With one arm pushed up behind me, I use the free hand to scribe this petition of worthiness to be admitted to the Order of the Fez.

Wally the Welder, strong in the arm, weak in the head as we Black Country folk am said to be…

Bustled forth, fez on bonce, freshly washed and clean shaven for my picture, I crave entrance to this most select of fraternities.

Can I cum in please ?”

Wally Hitch
(Aka Wally the Welder), Wolverhampton UK

Welcome, Wally the Welder, welcome! You clearly embody the panache and joie de vivre to which our Order aspires. And you have great socks. We are proud to count you in our number.

Fez #1


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