Fez #36: Chris Pirillo


#7 and I attended a geek-fest (Gnomedex) in Seattle. At last year’s event we wore our fezzes and they were a hit. Prior to this year’s conference, organizer and uber-geek Chris Pirillo asked how he could become a member. I said he needed a fez and fired back, “Where am I going to find a fez in Seattle?”

Since he had a conference to put on, I told him to work on his Petition of Worthiness and I’ll take care of the fez.

Jason and Joe at Fez-o-rama scrambled the jets and over-nighted a beauty to Seattle in time for a special induction ceremony before the assembled nerds. The video will be online in a few days (I’ll add a link here). Never did get link to video and decided to stop bugging Chris about it.

Chris is a good guy and certainly fez-worthy. He’s a little on the short side, too, and can use the extra height. [Fez pix from Gnomedex]


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