Fez #35: Bob the Butcher


“So there I was in me shap, amongst me pigs yeds, chitterlins and me faggotts. This bloke comes in and tells me I could increase me market share and me personal charisma if I wore a fez when I’m servin the moanin o’de gits.  He also said I’d be famous on the interweb and irresistible to wimmin.

Like a saft un, I fell for it.  I’ll wear the bleedin fez if it meks yo all happy.”
Bob the Butcher (order early for Christmas)
Darlaston – UK

Hmm. This Petition of Worthiness is almost too good. Meaning no disrespect to Bob, one has to wonder if this POW was ghost written by some talented, but cynical, hack.

But he has a fez and was willing to have his photo taken wearing it, so join me in welcoming Bob the Butcher, the 35th member of the Order of the Fez.


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