Fez #32: salamandir


“my name is salamandir and i would like to request membership in the order of the fez. i have been a “hat person” ever since i was very small, and one of the earliest memories i have is seeing the shriners and lusting (although being only 5 years old, i didn’t know that that’s what it was called) after their hats. over the years i have accumulated quite a large number of hats, including a few that are frighteningly close to being fezzes without actually being them, including a touque and a “genie hat” – neither of which have tassels.

anyway, the actions of my old friend and band-mate howlin’ hobbit (OOTF #8) have been enough to get me off my duff and order a fez of my own, of which a picture is included. this was taken within 15 minutes of when i actually received the fez, and even now, several hours later, i am still wearing it. if it were possible, i would even wear it to bed, but i suspect that my wife would have something to say about it.

Professional New Age Renaissance Man

Life clearly has not been easy for salamandir. A name the other kids were sure to have mocked; Shriner Fez Lust at the age of five; and limping through life with a broken CAPS key. You can learn more of the life and times of salamandir on his blog.


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