Guardian asks: What good is a fez?

OOTF newbie, #31 has jumped into his fez with both feet, pointing us to a Guardian feature called “Nooks and Crannies” (I’m sorry, but that sounds naughty to me). Readers answer the question: What good is a fez? My favorite answer came from Luke Martin of Sydney Australia:

“What good is a fez? Pshaw! In these days of indifferent headgear – the bill-cap, the beer-can-holding “foam dome” and the ubiquitous gangsta sport-rag, the fez shines. It is a rare, stylish gem, a jaunty riposte to the diminishment (sic) of head-covering importance today. Put on a fez. Feel its style. The tassel; whether rakishly swinging, or scholastically subdued, is a luxury that other hats do not offer. The smooth red felt molding to the head in sensual – yet stylish – luxury. The fez keeps us in touch with the history of haberdashery, keeps us aware of its ancient origins – something that the humble bowler, for example, cannot manage. And to be frank, it’s the only hat you can wear with a dinner-suit. Would a trilby, a Stetson, an Akubra cut as elegant a figure as the tassel-bearing Fez? No. That’s what good a fez is; it’s a reminder that style still exists, even in the days of the all-encompassing beanie, toque or woolen hat. Cherish it.”

Don’t forget to Twitter nuggets such as this.


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