Fez #31: Keith Povall


“As a student of the great prophet Zarquon and reader of the late great Douglas Adams, I wonder if I could become fez number 42. You see, it is the answer to life, the universe and everything as predicted by the second greatest computer ever built Deep Thought (only to be beaten by the computer that would come after it).

It does mean I have maybe another 11  or so fez members to stand behind – like how quickly do you recruit them?

I could bide my time at the restaurant at the end of the universe or even the big bang burger chef…  Or maybe not.”

Keith Povall

If I thought Keith and I would live long enough, I’d recommend putting #42 on ice for him but I fear we can’t risk it. So he gets #31 and will –in time– grow to love it. (You can see from the photo above how happy he is to be accepted into the order)

Keith blogs at The Sturdy Soapbox and is the genius behind the Sandals and Socks photo archive. He’s from somewhere in the UK (what IS it with Brits and fezzes?!) but I don’t recall where.

If you see him, give him the Secret Grip. Until then, hit that comment link and make him feel welcome.


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