Meet uub (Fez #26)

In a recent video-gram, I encouraged members to share a bit more about themselves. The original Petition of Worthiness is often short on background. I hope others will follow the lead of #26.


“I guess I’ll go ahead with a little “about myself” since most of the fellas seem shy about it. First let me say I’m excited to say that I’ve received my official Order of the Fez fez emblazoned with my number, 26 (or double trouble as I like to think of it). I don’t think I’ve seen any finer fez than those crafted by our own brother Jason, aka the Fez Monger. I dare say that this fez is more than a fez, it’s a work of art, a fashion icon, a prime piece of pop culture… or something like that.

Now the about me. I was born and raised in The Bronx, NYC. People often don’t believe me because I don’t have a Bronx accent, but I’m guessing that’s because I was in the north-western part, very close to Manhattan and my parents probably would have thrown me out had I come home with “dees, dems, doze” as part of my dialect. I’ve since lived in Staten Island, Manhattan and finally I’m here in Brooklyn, which is what I consider to be the finest borough of New York. Lots of spirit, attitude and heart.

I’m a gadget and art junkie. I love computers, specifically the Mac OS — how would I have found the Order had it not been for my trusty Mac? I stand in awe of those minds that invented computers, put together a network that the world could jump onto and communicate with each other about everything. Simply amazing. My other love is of what has been termed “lowbrow” art. I follow the work of the artists Tim Biskup (I’ve never seen a painting of his that I didn’t love!), Gary Baseman, Brian Taylor, Dave Pressler, Brandt Peters and quite a few others. I have been collecting their work for a bit of time, and my walls are pretty crowded at this point. You can see some of the work on my flickr stream.

Let’s see… what else can I say? Oh, yeah, I’m proud to say that I’m a member of the Order of the Fez Group on Fezorati — only one in three of you can say that!

Aside from that, I spend my time working in a Bat Cave. It’s not Bruce Wayne’s cave, but it’s something like that ;-)”

Your Sister,


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