I’ll bet you guys don’t even really HAVE 30 members


Alright, I’ll say it. It pains me to see these other fez groups with more representation (on the Fezorati site) than The Order of the Fez. I know, I know… there are no obligations or duties or responsibilities associated with the OOTF.

But where’s your competitive spirit lads (and lassie)?! Gad, we are 30 strong but only 10 of us could find the time to register? You see what you’ve done don’t you? You’ve turned me into a nagging shrew. Now I’m your mother (or mum for you brits).

But you’ve got your busy life to lead and all your friends and such. No time to do this one little things for the OOTF. You just go out with your pals, I’ll just put my head in this oven and turn on the gas.


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