Fez #30: Paul Roe


Dear Sirs,  I happened upon your site and was delighted to discover a group of such amiable chaps. My name is Paul Roe and I’m the owner and operator of Britishink Tattoos in Washington DC, I am British and have been living in the USA for some 18 years.

I recently purchased a very fine Shriner fez and cannot take it off my head, I am hoping to join the order and wondering why I hadn’t Fezzed up before, it feels so right.

If there is anything at all that I need to endure in order to qualify please let me know,

At your service,
Paul Roe

A fine fez, indeed. And you wear it well, Paul Roe. And your willingness to endure “anything at all” to join our order is just the sort of spirit we look for. Welcome aboard and congratulations on securing one of the rare and mystical “Fez Numbers That End In Zero.”

I’ll rewrite the OOTF bylaws this evening, making it a requirement that all members get their fez tattoos at your shop (any discount, of course, would be at your discretion).

Make him welcome all.

Fez .00001

PS: Is it just me or does “Amiable Chaps” sounds like a line of gay casual wear for cowboys.
PPS: Paul’s flickr stream. Part 1 below and part 2 on my blog.



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