Fez #29: Jon Grigalunas


Wanting to form a Fez Society I was pleasantly surprised to find this order. Someone who has done the work for me, I am so very pleased.

In my quest to bring more people into the Fezfold I have made it my mission to purchase and send three or four Fezzes each payday to share the joy of wearing this noble headgear.

Seeing myself as the Johnny Appleseed of Fezdom I hereby apply for membership in the Oder of the Fez.”

Jon Grigalunas

Join me, Brothers and Sister, in welcoming Jon to the Order of the Fez. (Let us know your location, Jon, so we can stick a pin in our Google map).

Jon apparently go got wind of the Skin the Newbie initiation/hazing ceremony and shaved his head as a prophylactic measure. We’ll need to come up with something different for Jon. Suggestions welcome.

Fez the First


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