Fez #28: Dennis Klothen


“Hello, hereby I apply for membership in your most noble ORDER OF THE FEZ. As you can see, I am proud owner of a fez, and even better, I have a tattoo of a tapir wearing a fez.

To the history of my fez: I am co-founer of a discrete society called Societas Tapiri Occidentalis. As every decent discrete society wears Fezzes (or at least should do so) we decided that the fez could be our only hat of choice and I was chosen “KEEPER OF THE FEZ”.

Unfortunately I live in Germany, which is a fez-wasteland, where you only get cheap fezzes from costume stores, so I contacted a hat-maker and started manufacturing fezzes with him for our society members- (I made about 15 red felt fezzes with black tassely by now, and I really like doing it).

And as our heraldic animal- the Tapir- is the king of animals and the fez is the sultan of headdresses, I chose to get a tattoo combining both. (It was made by a tattoo artist whom I gave a fez as a present) I wear my fez as often as I can. During society meetings (of course!), at work, at home, at the university. I just enjoy wearing my fez.

I wish you all the best and hope that this is sufficient to become a member of the most noble ORDER OF THE FEZ yours sincerely, rev. Dennis Klothen

Damn. One more “Reverend” and we’re officially a religious order. But the pipe, tiki drink and tattoos clearly identify Dennis as OOTF material. We’re a little uncertain about his loyalties as a member of a member of STO (Those fuckers!), but trust his first allegiance will be to our order.

So give it up for the Reverend Dennis Klothen, Fez #28.


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