Fez Fuzz Face Ritual concludes

Fez #3 (Dr. Everett Mobley) lives in a part of the midwest that was hammered by a wicked ice storm that knocked out power to hundreds (thousands?) of homes and businesses.

“I had made a vow not to shave until the power came back on.  Today, at
noon, 14 days precisely, electricity returned to the old homestead. Here are photos that clearly document why I do not wear any type of organized facial hair. (Day 7 and Day 14)


It just so happened that on day seven I was royally tired of wearing my
knit toboggan cap and donned the fez for a change.  So, tonight, before
shaving, it seemed appropriate to take the day 14 whisker picture a la

Your servant,
Everett Mobley

Great to have #3 back on the grid. He’s got a little Jack Nicholson (The Shining) going on in that latest photo.


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