Special Edition Fezzes for Life

Fez #13 (Jason Rogers) needs our help. He’s strapping on the tap shoes for the 2009 24 Hour Cancer Dance-A-Thon to help raise funds for the City of Hope Hospital.

The ‘Lindy Hop for Life’ is a 24-hour swing dance held this year in Orange County, California on March 14-15. All of the participants, bands, teachers, dj’s and performers are volunteers. They’ve set up a team called the Cult of the Eye and we’re looking to raise money any way we can.

One of those ways is a line of special edition Fezzes for Life.  Make a contribution to this worth cause and get a de-lux Fez-o-Rama fez.

Now I don’t wanna dis your fez, but if you picked it up from the Moolah Temple estate sale and it still smells like someone’s uncle Fester, here’s your chance to upgrade. And if you can’t pop for the fez,  hit that Paypal button for $5 or $10 an help a worthy cause.


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