Mr. Palm’s Secretary

“There can be many reasons for me to visit Amsterdam. I won’t mention them all as I like you to have something to fantasize about.

A very good reason though is the charming little music shop called “Palm Guitars.” Hundreds of, mainly vintage, stringed instruments, some even almost 100 years old, are stacked on less than 50 square meters. It is an adventure to walk the narrow path from the door to the small office of mr Palm himself. The Doc #18 and me, we bought some great ukuleles there as my singing saw. So far the introduction to get you in the mood; so close your eyes and read on.


While talking to Mr. Palm, I proudly told him of my membership of the OOTF. To my great surprise he pointed at his secretary who was at the phone at the moment (see picture too). He wears a FEZ!! Never in any of my visits have I laid eye on this magnificent assistant before. You can imagine I could not resist to give the Tassel a soft caress. So whenever visiting Amsterdam, go and say hello to this hard working, persistent wearer of the beloved cranial ornament. Be sure to come and visit the Fezzes #17 and #18 for some hassle of the tassel afterward.”


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