Mr. Phil: Fez #25


“Greetings O Keepers of all that is Fezorocity. I too submit my self to membership in the Order of the FEZ. I feel I have many of the qualities of the brethren of your order. I am a wearer of a FEZ. Not just any Fez but a Fez-o-Rama tiki.

I am a uke player and kids entertainer, I have just traded my bowler for a fez in a ceremony of fire and smoke.

I am teaching the little ones the joys, and utter freakin and bitchen coolness, of my mighty Fez (ok A little of my Native Californian sliped out).

I so petition on my Honor membership.

Mr Phil

According to his website, Mr. Phil is: “Bigger than Life, Funnier than Most, and creates Magical Mayhem wherever he goes!” But can’t that be said of all our members, really?

Well, it’s good to know the OOTF is attracting average, everyday, run-of-the-mill folks. Of course, it’s always nice to hear a plug for Fez-o-rama (#13) and we now have enough uke players for a marching band.

As for “…teaching the little ones the joys of my mighty Fez,” we’re running that past the Too Creepy for Membership Committee but don’t expect a problem.

So please form a circle, join hands and welcome Mr. Phil, Fez #25.

In the beginning,
There was Fez #1


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