Rev Jason: Fez #24


“My name is Rev Jason, I am a proud fez wearer, I hope that this allows me the opportunity to plead for my right of passage into the Supreme Order Of The Fez. and although I have been a fez wearer for only the past few years or so, I have fully embraced it, as much as one can embrace the wearing of something on ones head. In the attached picture you can see me sporting my Grandfather’s Fez.”

Your faithful servant,

Sarasota, Florida

“Supreme Order of the Fez?” Uh, close. Sometimes the “Royal and Exalted Order of the Fez,” and on sunny days in southern California, The Totally Stoked and Bitchin’ Order of the Fez.” But I quibble.

It has taken a little longer than usual to complete the background check on Rev but our investigators finally located his bunker/game room (see photo) and talked to enough neighbors (“The weird guy in the fez? Yeah, he’s okay.”) to clear him for membership.

We’ll hold off posting his photo to the OOTF flickr set until he provides one that’s a little less… disturbing.

So join me in welcoming Fez #24, Rev Jason.

Yours in fezorocity,

UPDATE: Turns our Jason is a man of the cloth so it’s “Reverend” Jason. But Rev would be a pretty cool name.


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