Drew Barcode: Fez #23

“Greetings fellow fez wearers, I hereby submit my Petition of Worthiness. My name is Drew Barcode, I am a proud fez wearer, I hope that this allows me the opportunity to plead for my right of passage into the Supreme Order Of The Fez. I own various fezzes, including the recently featured cheese fez (perhaps the only one in circulation in the UK?), and although I have been a fez wearer for only the past year or so, I have fully embraced it, as much as one can embrace the wearing of something on ones head.

In the attached picture you can see me sporting my custom made “Christmas fez”, made especially for the upcoming Santacon Santa parade. I hope that by allowing me into your illustrious order I can bring to it honour, style, and sophistication, or failing that, at least another British ukulele player.”

Your faithful servant


Drew contacted us a few months back, asking if he could wait for Fez #23:

“I have been following your blog for sometime, and the timing of my contacting you is by no coincidence. You see, I believe the number 23 to be a very powerful and magic number (ha!), and I ain’t just talking about some cheesy Jim Carey movie. I was hoping to be cheeky and rather like Jason #13, and the future number 42, Joe, snag the coveted number Order Of the Fez #23 for myself. What with your current membership now up to 21, and also what with a few multiple entries having happened recently, I thought now was the time to move from the shadows and make myself known. If this all ok, I shall prepare my submission for entry… (insert joke here).”

His patience has paid off and it is with great pride that we welcome him into the Order of the Fez. Drew has replaced “Royal and Exalted” with “Supreme” but that might just be a Brit thing so we’ll let it pass.

Please welcome Drew in the time honored tradition.

Fez the First


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