Separated at birth

“Many of you, brothers, know the tragic circumstances tied to my possession of Fez #4. I took ownership of said fez after a tragic fruit stand accident involving its previous owner, a charming but self-deprecating macaque named Ahmed.

Through my obtainment of Ahmed’s fez, I have, quite serendipitously, formed friendships with
many of his family throughout the world. One of my favorites is cousin Karim, a chimpanzee from Istanbul who never fails to cheer me with his witty correspondence. On my recent birthday, Walter sent me this photograph, pledging his cross-species brotherhood with me, and with the entire Order of the Fez. (He also, as is his habit, included other photographs which shall remain tightly in my possession, for legal reasons.)


I thought it appropriate to share this photo of Karim, in honor of our fallen fellow-fez wearer, Ahmed.”

— Brother Brazeal (the one on the left)


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