Music Video: Order of the Fez

A year ago Brother Phil Powell (Fez #9) answered our call for an official song for the OOTF. In May of this year, Dr. Everett Mobley (#3) put the rousing words to music and shared his stirring rendition.

Now, thanks to Professor Peter (#17) and Doctor Dick (#18) — who hold joint membership in The Order of the Fez and The Small Instrument Society– we have a second treatment of this sacred tune.


“The old Chinese proverb says: if you want to build a house, first build one for your friend, than build one for your brother and finally build one for yourself. Professor Peter #17 and Doctor Dick #18, savants in their own right, have always kept their ears opened to wisdom, that has stood the ravages of time. So before chastising their brothers senses, with a version of the OOTF Anthem, they played it to their wives. To be honest, the girls went wild. Than the played it to a selected audience in the city of Harderwijk, inside the medieval “Vischpoort.” The crowd went berserk.”

“So now they dare to confront their brothers. This is a prelude only, as the Prof an Doc planned to make a video soon, that has a better sound quality to it. Come and take a look at:

You can email Professor Peter and Doctor Dick at and visit their website at

PS: I would very much like to hear other treatments of this song. A few that come to mind:

  • Church choir with pipe organ accompaniment
  • Marching band (high school or college).
  • Blues
  • Punk
  • Lounge singer with smokey piano

If anyone has the connections or moxy to tackle these (or others), you can earn a spot in OOTF history.


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