Fezzes #19-21: John Simpson, Andy Dickinson, Clive Gifford

“Once in a Land far far away, across a big big Pond, there were three friends , lets call them John, Andy and Clive ( for that indeed was their names – although rather confusingly John was sometimes known as Joe, but we need not concern ourselves with that for now)

Now these three friends liked many things in life, but had a particular  interest in beer and music – a heady combination I’m sure you will agree – Now our three friends had vowed to make an annual pilgrimage to a field In Bedfordshire, England, and there for three wholedays they would imbibe fully in the pleasures of Music and Beer at the Festival Known as Rhythm.

Now  clearly many meetings had to take place to organize this mammoth pilgrimage, rather handily these meetings happened to take place in a pub – and as one would expect most of the organisation was taken up with the burning issue of what should our three friends wear on their heads!

Now the previous year at their inaugural pilgrimage they had decided that their headgear of choice should be the rather dapper Fez, and they each duly bought and wore with pride their Fezzes. One problem they had found though was that although unquestionably natty, it didn’t provide much sun protection. They therefore after much deliberation (and of course beer) plumped for a two hat festival this year. day wear to provide sun protection and evening wear to provide style. And thus was the momentous decision was made ,  Pith Helmet (Day Hat) and Leopard Skin Fez(Evening or Dress Hat) , and this is where YOU all come in.

Our friends searched high and low, there was no hat shaped stone left unturned in the British Isles ( so to speak), but all to no avail, it seemed that a Leopard skin Fez was something that was unavailable in the UK, and indeed Europe. Undeterred John(Joe) stumbled across your esteemed organisation and made an appeal for your help, and was bowled over by the responses, many of the members got in touch with many suggestions. Mr No 1 himself entered into a correspondence that was to end up dipping into the murky world of espionage as a plan was hatched to smuggle in 3 Leopard Skin Fezzes.

Our friends got their fezzes and went to their festival and had many wonderful conversations with numerous people regaling them of the tale of the contraband fezzes and the fabled Order of the Fez, and so we would like to say a huge Thank you to all you members who e-mailed and most of all to Steve who went the extra mile to ensure that our heads were suitably attired at the festival. Thank You

And although we are firm believers in the old Marxist adage (Groucho) “I’d never join a club that would have me as a member” we humbly ask you would consider our application to join your happy band

YoursJohn Simpson, Andy Dickinson & Clive Gifford

The photos are of us and also us and the very wonderful Gandalf Murphy and The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams


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